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Preguntas frecuentes

Sobre Mobility Rent

Where can I find you and at what time?
Our physical store is located on Calle Pintor Aparicio 9, in Alicante, very close to Plaza Séneca. Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Saturdays from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 pm We remain closed on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays.
How can I contact with you?
You can contact us at our customer service telephone numbers at (+34) 965159733 and (+34) 648841256, by email at alicante@mobilityrent.es and by WhatsApp at number (+34) 648841256 or through the forms that you will find on our website . You can also follow us on our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.
What forms of payment are accepted?
In person, you can pay for your purchases by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), cash or bank transfer. If you cannot go to our establishment or you want to make the payment comfortably at home, you can pay for your purchases with all types of cards with the highest level of security through the Stripe gateway.
I want to sell my equipment, do you buy it?
We offer our deposit service, we first assess its condition and allow you to leave it in our facilities and see if anyone is interested in acquiring it. This service has a cost of €50/month You can also donate it, we collaborate with various associations in our city.

Sobre nuestro servicio de alquiler

How can I make my rental with you?
If you want to make your rental with us, you can do it through our website, indicating the equipment and the dates of the same. You can also contact us by phone or email.
Do I have to formalize my rental in advance?
We advise you to formalize your reservation well in advance to guarantee the total availability of your equipment, especially during times of high season during the year (summer and holiday periods).
Is there a rental deposit? How is it returned?
All equipment has a deposit of €25 and other 100 €, which is returned at the end of the rental if the equipment is in optimal operating and hygiene conditions. The return of the same is made in the original payment method when formalizing your rental Before the enjoyment of your equipment we carry out an expert appraisal of it, so that there is no type of problem when you make the return.
I have to cancel my reservation, how do you return what I paid?
If you have paid for the reservation by credit card and less than 30 days have elapsed, we will proceed to cancel the charge on your credit card. If you have chosen any other form of payment or paid for your reservation with a term greater than 30 days, we will refund the amount of the same by bank transfer.
Do I have to pay any penalty for canceling my reservation?
No, our mission is to facilitate the mobility of our clients, you will not have to pay any penalty for canceling your reservation but we do ask you to notify us as far in advance as possible.
Are the equipment disinfected and sanitized?
Yes, we disinfect the contact or grip areas of the equipment, such as the grips or handlebars, the armrests and the brake levers. We had already been carrying out this disinfection procedure even before the current situation, so you can be totally calm.
Can I pick up my equipment in store?
Yes, you can collect and return your equipment at our facilities free of charge, always within our opening hours, Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00
Can I receive my equipment at my home or hotel?
Yes, we deliver and collect your equipment where you tell us, paying for the transfer service (variable cost depending on location). The delivery to the hotels is made at the reception before your arrival and we pick it up the next business day after your departure, so that you can fully enjoy your equipment until the last moment.
I picked up my equipment at the store and I need you to come pick it up at my home or hotel.
In this case, you must pay the travel expenses in advance. Please notify us no later than 1 day before the end date of your rental.
You have tried unsuccessfully to deliver the equipment to my home. What's going on?
At the time of formalizing the rental, we will agree with you an approximate delivery time. If at the time of the same we do not locate you, we will wait a reasonable time. If this is not possible, we will try to make the delivery again as soon as possible, but you will have to pay the travel expenses again.
Can I pay my rental when you deliver it to my home?
Rental must be paid in full before your equipment is shipped.
I have refused my rental equipment at the time of delivery. Do I have to pay something?
We will refund your rent except travel expenses.
If I return my equipment before the end of the rental, do you return the proportional part of it?
Of course, if you return your equipment before the due date, we'll refund your prorated portion, plus your rental deposit (if applicable).
Can I authorize another person to receive my equipment at the time of delivery?
Yes, just tell us your name and a contact telephone number at the time of making your rental.
I want to enjoy my team more days. Can I make a rental extension?
Of course, you just have to contact us and indicate the time you want. In this case, we ask you to notify us as far in advance as possible.
I have lost my rent receipt. It's a problem?
Not at all, in our offices we have a copy of it and also proof of payment.
I think I have suffered a breakdown or my equipment is not working properly. What I can do?
Contact us and we will help you. If necessary, a technician will come to carry out a review and, if an anomaly is found, we will leave you another equipment free of charge.
My rental equipment has been stolen. What I do?
Contact us as soon as possible.

Sobre compra

How can I buy my mobility quipment with you?
We invite you to come to our facilities in person and present your case to us, in order to find the best solution for you. If it is not possible for you and for your convenience, we also carry out home demonstrations. In this case, you must pay the travel in advance, which will be deducted from the purchase price of your equipment if you finally acquire it.
Can I finance my purchase?
Yes, you can finance your purchases through the financial company Alma in 2, 3 and 4 installments, up to a maximum of €2,000.
Do you have second-hand equipment?
No, we do not sell second-hand equipment.
What guarantee do your equipment have?
Our new equipment has a 3-year warranty and 6 months on the batteries, in the case of electrical products. In addition, you will have free replacement equipment in case of repair/breakdown and we will give you civil liability insurance for one year.
I'm not sure what kind of equipment I need. Can you help me?
Contact us and explain your situation. We will advise you to find the best solution for you.
I have bought a mobility equipment, how will I receive it?
You will receive it fully assembled and ready to go. We deliver your equipment to your home at no cost, if you need it.
Can I return my purchase?
When will I receive my purchase?
If we have the equipment in store and you have paid for it in person or virtually, we will serve it to you as soon as possible. If the order is under catalog, the delivery times are those marked by each manufacturer. Once we receive it at our facilities, we will deliver it to you right away.
I have recognized reduced mobility. How can I benefit from my purchase?
We apply the super reduced VAT to 4% on your purchase of electric scooters, electric chairs and manuals. For this we need your document that proves this condition
Why should I buy an equipment from you?
You will always be supported by professionals. All our equipment has a guarantee, we also make our technical service available to you and we provide you with FREE replacement equipment in case of breakdown or revision, something that no establishment in the region offers. In addition, we have a physical store where we advise you and help you find the best solution for you.
Why do I find much lower prices on the internet than in your establishment?
We offer services that most online businesses do not have: Demonstrations at home, we deliver the equipment fully assembled and ready to work at no cost, we can even upload it to your home. We have our own technical service: if you suffer a breakdown in your equipment, we will come to your home to pick it up and while it is being repaired we will provide you with replacement equipment free of charge.

Sobre nuestro servicio de reparación

Quiero reparar mi equipo, ¿disponéis de servicio técnico?
Sí, disponemos de servicio técnico y taller propio. Puedes reparar con nosotros tu scooter eléctrico, silla eléctrica, silla manual, grúa de traslado, camas articuladas… Si adquiriste tu equipo con nosotros, te dejaremos un equipo de sustitución de forma gratuita mientras reparamos el tuyo. Si no lo adquiriste en nuestro establecimiento, tiene un coste fijo (a consultar).
Mi equipo no tiene ninguna avería pero necesito realizarle una revisión. ¿Ofrecéis este servicio?
Sí, te ofrecemos nuestro servicio de revisión en el que realizamos las siguientes tareas: Comprobación neumaticos, chasis, motor, sistema eléctrico, baterías y electrónica. Con equipo de sustitución gratuito. Este servicio tiene un coste de 70 € IVA incluido (gastos de desplazamiento no incluidos).
¿Podéis venir a recoger mi equipo para repararlo?
Sí, nos desplazamos a tu domicilio y recogemos tu equipo para su reparación. El desplazamiento debes abonarlo por adelantado y acudiremos lo antes posible. Si precisas de equipo de sustitución, comunicanoslo. También puedes dejar tu equipo en nuestra tienda física de Alicante y nuestro técnico lo recogerá en el menor tiempo posible.
¿Cuánto tiempo tardaréis en reparar mi equipo?
El tiempo varía según el tipo de avería que tenga tu equipo. Una vez recibimos tu equipo en nuestro taller, realizamos una diagnosis de los problemas que previamente nos has detallado. Previamente te habremos informado del coste de la reparación mediante un presupuesto. Si disponemos de piezas y recambios en stock, en unos 2-3 días laborables tendrás tu equipo de vuelta. Si no disponemos de piezas, el tiempo aumentará, te comunicaremos también del plazo aproximado de entrega.
¿Tenéis recambios o piezas para mi equipo? ¿Qué garantía tienen estas?
Sí, disponemos de recambios y piezas de las principales firmas como Invacare, B&B, Apex Medical, Forta, Totalcare, Sunrise Medical, Teyder… Nuestras piezas y recambios tienen una garantía de 1 año en la venta de equipos o recambios reacondicionados/usados. 3 años en la venta de equipos nuevos o piezas de recambio originales. 3 meses en las reparaciones o servicios de instalación. Consúltanos qué necesitas y te informamos sin compromiso.