Sale: Mobility Scooters

Buy Mobility Scooters in Alicante

We have a wide range of scooters for elderly persons. If you buy your scooter for disabled people at Mobility Rent, you will have the additional confidence that we have our own technical service and repair shop. During the revision or repair of your scooter we lend you a courtesy one as similar as possible. The scooter will give you freedom and independence.

Scooter eléctrico discapacitados desmontable
scooter discapacitados desmontable desmontado por piezas
Scooter para discapacitados plegable con mando a distancia
Scooter eléctrico discapacitados plegable plegado
Scooter plegable con un mando a distancia
Scooter discapacitados mediano
scooter para discapacitados grande con mucha autonomía
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